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In the realm of real estate, the importance of thorough title research and abstracting cannot be overstated. This is particularly true in Utah, where commercial and residential real estate transactions are a significant part of the state's economy. Title research and abstracting are crucial steps in the real estate transaction process, providing a clear picture of a property's history and any potential issues that could affect ownership. At Utah Property Research, we scour public records on your behalf to research and abstract Utah property.

What is Title Research?

Title research, also known as a title search, is an extensive examination of public records to determine the legal ownership of a property and identify any liens, easements, or other encumbrances that might affect the title. In Utah, this process involves searching through county records, tax documents, and other public data sources. Typically, the goal is to ensure that the seller has a clear and marketable title to transfer to the buyer, but there are many reasons to seek ownership validation beyond real estate transactions.

The Role of Title Abstracting

Title abstracting is the process of creating a condensed history of a property's title. This includes a description of the property, the names of past and current owners, and any liens or other encumbrances on the property. Utah Property Research boasts decades of professional abstractor experience, and we cover all counties in Utah.

Commercial vs Residential Title Research and Abstracting

While the basic elements of title research and abstracting are the same for both commercial and residential properties, there are some key differences. Commercial properties often have more complex ownership structures and may involve more extensive searches. Residential properties, on the other hand, typically have more straightforward ownership histories and may require less time to abstract.

Utah's Marketable Title Act

One unique aspect of Utah's real estate law is the Marketable Title Act. This law simplifies the title research process by limiting the search period to 40 years. If no claims or issues are found within that period, the title is considered marketable.

Access to Utah Property Records

You, you can research property yourself. In Utah, property records are public, making it possible for individuals and companies to conduct title searches. These records can be accessed through county offices, and many counties have online tools to facilitate searches. However, it is advised that if you unfamiliar with records research and abstracting, that you seek professional services. One missed instrument can be detrimentally costly.

Finding Land Ownership in Utah

Determining land ownership in Utah involves searching through county records, which include documents such as deeds and tax records. These documents provide information about the current owner and the property's history. We're ready when you are. Call Utah Property Research at 1-801-704-7661.


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